Some recent questions by a skeptic were recently posted on one of the social networking sites printing company and social networkingq

  • Does that convert to acquiring paying customers?
  • Does it gain any reaction like instant calls to me re business?
  • Is it creating new prospects who will call me?


The above post instigated a response by me with a touch of humor and my own personal experience. I will also tell you, that before I engaged a while back, as a participant on the social networking sites, LinkedIn, Face Book and Twitter, I too was a bit of a skeptic as I was thinking a bit old school myself. As a “self described” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional, having been doing it since 1994 with our first website, I was geared also to the immediate sale. However, since seeing the results of participating on the social networking sites I have seen many more people jump over to our website. In any event, this was my reply to the above skeptic which I thought I would share with you.

“The leg bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, and as this HAM bone would tell you, it is all interconnected and YES rather circuitous. So the simple answer is we play or we don’t play the game and reap the rewards.

Here is the deal:

The direct pitch and sale is there and still very viable and nothing beats having a web site that brings in tons of business from organic search. Google is getting more crowded by the minute and continually changing their search algorithms all the time, including their latest where they have stopped providing keyword info in webmaster tools info to you. Your web site needs the cooperation of off page factors, such as blogging and the social networks as this is what Google is looking for as they now judge you by “author rank.” There is not only branding done on social networking but sales as well. As my first website went up in ‘94, so I surely know SEO and selling. With respect to direct sales, LinkedIn now drives more people to my web than Google, Yahoo and Bing Combined and FB and Twitter then follow as 5 and 6 after Yahoo and Bing. What more could one ask for, eyeballs on your spiel. Of course once there you must have a pitch that sells.

Another thing we cannot get around, like it or not, pooh poohing social media or otherwise, is Google, who provide us with the lion’s share of our eyeballs from organic search. Google demands to see action on the social networking fronts as well as the blogosphere. Your page is ranked for both on page and off page factors as well as “author rank.” It is exactly this, among other factors that is helping with our Google ranking. So……the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…..and on and on.”


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