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In a market where more and more are relying on self publishing as well as publishers not only looking for new and inexpensive ways to market their books, you need to dig deep by finding new ways to market your books.

It is simply no longer the case of “build it and they will come”, as in today’s marketplace, once your book printing is accomplished, if you don’t market your book it may simply wind up sitting in your garage. While I have written before on book marketing, here are some suggestions that may allow you to hone in on strengths that you already possess.


You and your book were not just born. You have a history and your book was written about a subject we can assume that you are well versed in. Therefore why not utilize talents you already have and the knowledge you already possess as part of your marketing plan. You are after all an expert on the core topic you have written about with topic taking place in a location of your choice and characters that you have created based on certain personality types.

You have chosen to set your book in a given location or several of them.  That location therefore can offer you the ability for local marketing of your book. Therefore utilize the location you wrote about as an advantage in local marketing. If you can establish a sales success story, you then gain a “track record” and “bragging rights” to market your book in additional locales.

You have also chosen a core topic or theme for your book. You can also take advantage of that by using your expertise to speak or write on that general topic and at the same time using examples coming right from your book. After all you are an expert on the topic and there will always be those who would like to benefit from your expertise.

Look at doing the following:

  • Send articles to the newspapers and magazines in that location as since it is “all about them” you may find them quite cooperative.


  • Co-op with any charity or organization that may be related to your topic in that town and involve them in any marketing, even if it means donating a certain portion of sales to them.  They then become part of your marketing team and sales force.


  • Seek out other experts on your core topic and interview them for your blog as well as creating press releases and articles on the topic inclusive of the interview.


  • Look for publications that cover your core topic and ask them for a review and offer them your articles on the topic.


  • Do as the great songwriters and scriptwriters do: Look to the news of the day. If there is anything on the news that relates to the core topic of your book then you and your book are newsworthy. Send in editorials, tweet your messages using #newstopic (so you enter the news stream of those news articles) and engage on all of the social networking sites writing about your core topic rather than your book.  You should also create a hashtag for your next book as well. (Ex: #WarAndPeace).


  • Contact local radio and TV stations regarding on air interviews (which can be expanded to other locations via phone) requesting them to speak on your core topic as it may relate to them, be it the locale or topic.


  • Create web content on the core topic and be sure you have a Google Plus One page which links to your website and that you have created your “Google Authority” (


  • Create an inexpensive video (my recent one cost me a hundred dollars) on your core topic, linking the video to your Plus One page.  Mine was animated, but yours can be you on the topic as well as other experts as even a series.


  • Offer yourself as a guest speaker on your core topic, where you will also find a willing audience to sell books to following your presentation.  There are many organizations that will gladly accept your services as a speaker and these include Chambers of Commerce, churches, libraries, retirement communities and more. Many of the 55+ retirement communities, depending on its size and style will have anything from a large recreation center to an actual theater for speakers and events.


Remember that you are an expert in your field and it is the same expertise that you needed along with the research you had to do in order to write your book with its core topic, choosing the locales and inventing the characters. You can use that same expertise to market your book once back from the book printer and even before. Become the expert that you truly are.


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