book marketing, book printing from book printerYou don’t have much money for the marketing of your book, but you really need to get it out there to the public.

After all you do want sales beyond your family and friends and as the old saying goes, “If a tree fell in the forest….” So without you shouting it from the roof tops your reviews will go like this: “Wonderful book, I knew you would be a great writer since you were five and wrote on my kitchen wall”…Mom.

So what can you do about getting out the word and letting folks know that you have written the next “War and Piece – The True Story of Pizza.”

Answer: Go Guerilla. Guerilla Book Marketing that is.

What is Guerilla Book Marketing?

It is a promotion strategy utilizing low cost and unconventional means. It stems from Guerilla warfare which utilized localized and atypical tactics to fight the much larger enemy. In this case your enemy is your lack of funds. In reality your online presence in groups such as LinkedIn or FaceBook is a form of Guerilla Marketing in that it is free and interactive, allowing you to target potential customers for your book as you engage with them by hopefully creating enough of a buzz to create sales. The term was first used by Jay Conrad Levinson in Guerilla Marketing, published in 1984.

Some typical techniques would be viral marketing on the social networks, product placement, wait marketing, where consumers are waiting in such places as medical offices, word of mouth and more. Additional tactics would be:

  • Hashtag searches – find potential readers by searching on hashtags with suitable reading or topic taste as your book: #FictionReader.
  • Online Forums/Communities – Using the locality of your story, demographics, race, economic status, health issues or anything that is common to others and join those communities where you can address those issues and relate them to your book.
  • Public Speaking – As with online forums you are obviously the expert about the topic you wrote on thereby qualifying you to speak on that same general topic while introducing your book as well as having it for sale there.
  • Adheisting – posting a link in reply on another’s advert in FaceBook or elsewhere that is related to your niche.
  • Newsjacking – Immediately follow a new and breaking news story with your post prior to the media acquiring additional information. Your Tweet would have been as Hurricane Sandy broke, “The storm rages, but Simon is still alive” (character in book) plus your link and a few hashtags #sandy #book title #storm
  • Readings – Set up readings of your book at libraries, schools, hospitals, or other public forums.
  • Blog to Book – Organize your blog posts into a book form and provide them as free e-books with purchase of your book.
  • Haro – Haro stands for Help A Reporter Out and is a service providing reporters with fodder for news. Requests are posted on a variety of topics. You would respond in whatever way you could “offer expertise” as stemming from the niche topic of your book.
  • Google Hangouts – Allows you to cross connect with people and groups on Google with talk, text and video.
  • Use Your Expertise – You are an expert on your niche topic so let local media know about your availability as an expert.
  • Media – Contact local papers, radio and TV as well as for geographically same areas from your book for interviews.
  • Trailer – Create A Book “Trailer” – This is a video that can be a synopsis, reviews, testimonials or all of them together or can be serialized from your book. It can be animated, PowerPoint style and have music or not.
  • Newsletter – Create a monthly newsletter which you can do online for free with such as MailChimp.
  • Guest Blogging – Offer your services as a guest blogger on other blogs if you can get author credit.
  • Reddit – While you should be hammering all of the social networks Reddit works particularly well for authors. However do not post there directly about your own book as the users hate self promo. Have a friend do it as a “discovery” and just once and you can post yourself under /r/wroteabook/ which you would type in your browser following logging in.
  • Press – Write press releases and distribute online to the many places that accept them.
  • Promotional materials – Create inexpensive book marks with the image of your cover and all your contact info, plus a review or two if you have any.
  • Get Reviews – Seek reviewers who never give negative reviews. You can Google top reviewers and then check on what and how they have reviewed others works. Once reviewed repost and reuse as if a testimonial.
  • Other Publications – Write freelance articles, blogs, op-ed pieces and stories on your core topic of your book and provide to niche publications.
  • Public Transport – Larger cities will have public transport that may feature commuter magazines. Offer to write on your topic.
  • Google Alerts – Set up an alert for mentions of your book online and engage further where possible.
  • Trending news – Keep up to date on latest news, and there are services you can subscribe to for breaking news so that you can post where any are related to your core topic.
  • Google Trends – Google moves from keyword search to an intuitive approach based on searches and overall online activity. Yes they are data mining all of your keystrokes in social networks as well. Now make use of it as you would hashtag searches.How does this benefit you? Google has a great new tool which you can use to find potential readers and more. It is Google Insights.

    The first thing I noticed was that if you scroll down there is a Power Point looking type of graphic. I clicked on the “What Are People Looking For” on the ring and it brought me to a search bar and I added “books to read”. This gave me some insight as to stats and regions.

    I then clicked on the link “What’s Hot” and you can see what folks are looking for and searching for. If you know what folks want you then are then better able to position yourself to give them what they want and hopefully it is your book? You can locate discussions, forums, etc. that hit your niche topic and integrate your comments about your niche expertise and “how you wrote about it in your book and why it relates to the topic”.

  • Engage, Engage, Engage – In every instance where you post, write or email be sure to regularly and repeatedly where possible engage with those you connect with.

Hopefully you will find many of these tactics useful in order to promote and market your book. While this can be very time consuming, it can also provide you with the sales you would not be getting without them. So good luck and, go, go, go Guerilla.


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