book printer and launch planning

Printing and self publishing your own book is no different than any other business.

You must plan all of the steps to take it to market and to launch its release. If you do not set up a marketing and sales plan in advance then “fuhgettaboutit” as your book  is about to get “whacked!” If you want your book to become a “hit”, than you as the “hitman” will have to plan all of the necessary steps in order for it to become  one. After all your “family” and “crew” are looking for you to become a “good earner” and not a “babbo” who they have a “beef” with.

Build A Fan Base:

If you can build a fan base, with hard work, and without sending out your “enforcer,” this will give you a platform of potential sales when your book is finally released as well as your own “crew” to continually market to.


Here is where blogging and social networking can really help you. When you wrote your book along with the research you did on the topic of it, the local geography, characters, storyline and more you became a “capo” of those topics. In other words you are not an “empty suit” but an expert. Use that expertise to blog. You can blog on the book itself as well as each of its components; such as the locality where most of the events take place or the type of characters in the book. You will need your own website and the blog should be a component of it. Word Press and others offer plug-ins to your website so that the blog can be an actual part of your site.

Use your blogs as a basis, not the sole one, but mostly for your interaction on the social networks. Write up interesting teasers and post to Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more following your book printing. Plus One and LinkedIn especially have readers groups where you can engage on your book and its topic. Don’t forget to use images in your posts as well as hashtags for more attention in the cyber world. The key word here is to engage, engage and engage again. Engaging with your potential audience is how you gain fans and readers. While there amass emails for a newsletter or mailing list about your book, interviews and appearances.  Don’t be a “moustache Pete” or “old school,” as you must get out there onto the social networks and spread the word about your pending “takeover” of the territory.

Make It Easy To Spread The Word:

Make it easy for readers to spread the word about your pending book release by creating ways for them to become an “associate” in your enterprise. Run contests, with prizes such as inexpensive bookmarks, which also advertise your book, or allowing them to preview the book before all others. Add social networking buttons to your blog and/or a free chapter to “re-tweet” it with your message within. Also add the Plus One button from Google, LinkedIn like, Face Book like and others. As you build fans do not be shy about asking them for their help. Americans are known for helping others.


Try and get testimonials from writers and/or celebrities (Tony Soprano?). A testimonial is a great endorsement for your book (best if prior to book printing for inclusion on back cover of book) if it comes from a recognizable name. If you do not know any celebrities or well known writers no matter, just send a copy of your book to them advising them you thought it something they may enjoy reading. Follow up down the line and get some feedback. If feedback is positive ask if you can use their comments as a written testimonial. I would advise doing it this way then simply asking for one on first approach of a stranger.

Public Speaking:

Many organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Churches, private groups and more seek “lunchtime speakers” as entertainment or to become informed. While they do not pay, they offer the speaker the chance to speak about their expertise, sell their books at the end of the speech and acquire names and email addresses in order to announce the release of the book.

Public Broadcasts:

While there is no longer in law a guarantee of free “public use” of airtime, many local talk shows will grant interviews to authors to speak about their book and its topic. They have slots that are not so easy to fill at 6 am in the morning, but there are surprisingly enough people awake and listening at that time to make the early hour worth it. Use this time to show off your expertise, tout your pending book release and “make them an offer that they can’t refuse.”


Video Trailers:

book printing by book printerGoogle likes videos. Maybe because they own the biggest venue, You Tube, and with as with like Plus One, they give the user of their venue some extra attention on Google itself. I have produced videos for under a hundred dollars and without holding a gun to the head of the producer. It can be done, as after all I am not a “gavone” who would consider such a thing and will gladly allow others to “wet their beaks.”

Now get out there  “goombah” and create that success you worked for and become that “big earner” you always dreamed of.


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