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I participate in many forums and inevitably the conversation always pops up with questions such as; “how can I market my book”,

“I want to start a magazine, but where to market it” or “I have this great product and if only I could get it out there.”  As I have written many articles on marketing, including book marketing, marketing for magazines or marketing in general, this is in essence a follow up, with a few more ideas that hopefully you will find beneficial. Some fall under the category of “Guerilla Marketing” and others are online ideas that you may have missed.

Online Book Marketing Concepts:

Google Alerts:

Google offers a feature called Google Alerts. What it does is allow you to sign up for alerts on any topic of your interest that you may want to follow. As an example, let’s say you are looking for potential readers of a genre you write in or who may be readers of similar books or magazines to that which you are producing, you would set up an “alert so that whatever commentary pops up online is immediately brought to your attention as an “alert” from Google. This way, should you receive an alert about an event, a blog, or commentary on a topic that may relate to your writing it puts you in a position where you can respond to it directly. Your response would be further commentary on the topic where you can refer to your writing and hopefully add a link back to your web where it hopefully will be for sale. Please see for signing up.

Google Plus-One:

Google Plus-One features groups as with LinkedIn and they do have readers groups and others that may relate to what you have written. It does not have to be spot on exact, just relate. If you wrote about something that took place in the 18th century then jump into a history group or if your story takes place in Ireland, then search for one that is about Ireland. Google like, Twitter uses hash tags and you can search using them as well. In other words “go where the action is.” Google also features something called “What’s Trending” where you can see what people are currently talking about. If your writing, book or magazine relates to the topic that is trending, jump right into the mix and again, always with link backs to your web.

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 Hash Tag Searching On Twitter:

Twitter makes it very easy to search with hash tags (#) on any topic. Throw a hash tag in front of one simple word that best  describes what you have written about or produced. You will see first a drop down that will show many hash tags that are  similar. Check them all out and make contact.

 Article Writing:

You are an expert as you spent the time to write a book about what you know, create a magazine in your niche or a product  that is unique. Therefore write further about what you know in order to show your expertise to others. You can post them to  such sites as ezinearticles, Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, Scribd to name just a few. Again, always have a link back to your site    and your name listed as “author.”

Reuse Content:

Yes it is OK to reuse content.  You can re-post again if it received limited attention on the first go around. I have done this and received many appreciative comments on blogs written a couple of years ago that received none then.  You can also rehash the content as “new” bringing it up to date. I have also created half a dozen booklets and even a book, which can be utilized as a marketing tool, even for free with….etc.  You can create a video or an audio version of it as well.  If it was good when, it is still good today.

Offline Or Online Marketing Concepts:

magazine printing Create Joint Promotions:

Look for other companies, authors or magazines in a different territory than yours and run joint promotions. It can  cut down on your costs, expand your reach and each can appeal to the others base without taking away from their  own project. If what you wrote about takes place in a local geographical area, there are many businesses, magazines,  newspapers and more than you can co market with, including giving them a commission if they make your book for  sale in their market.


Many Regional Magazines Are Short On Adverts Nearing Press Time:

Make them an “offer they can’t refuse” as when nearing press time for them it beats blank pages, freebee adverts, or adding fluff commentary. Don’t be afraid to ask for this as for you it is a “find” and for them it is like finding money on the street.




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