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Printing by Design has printed thousands of brochures for businesses large and small. In addition to printing your company’s brochure, we also offer outstanding brochure design services and competitive bulk mailing rates.



Superior Service

We handle brochure printing of all sizes, page counts and formats. You benefit from our extensive brochure printing expertise and knowledge when you print your brochure with us. We’ll help you choose the best paper and folding options to assure your brochure’s success.


Guaranteed Quality

When printing brochures for you, we guarantee our workmanship and that the quality of your final brochure will be to your satisfaction. Our commercial presses will deliver a sales tool that will make your company shine.



If you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how good it is. That’s why we offer the best in-class pricing on brochure printing, folding and even bulk mailing. Give us a chance to quote your next brochure printing job and find out how much you can save.


Let Brochure Printing Present Your Message.

Our commercial printers will deliver your brochure printing project right the very first time! Printing By Design will make sure that your brochure printing job is always correctly prepped to work on press, resulting in a professional sales tool that stands out from the rest and makes a lasting impression on your customers.

When you chose to print your brochure with Printing By Design, you can be assured of:

  • Value. You won’t pay a penny more than necessary as we make sure your brochure printing job is correctly prepped BEFORE it gets on press and that the press your brochure runs on is the correct one for your project’s specifications.
  • Quality. Not only will your brochure be printed to the industry’s highest standards, but it will receive first class folding or bindery service that results in a very professional quality selling tool.
  • Expediency. Your brochure printing job is very important to us, and you can be confident that it will receive the attention it deserves in order to get it out the door in record time. We even offer rush processing when you’re behind schedule and under the gun.

Your Brochure Could Be In Your Customers Hands, Just Like These…

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Company Offer Web Press or Sheet Fed Printing?

Both. Why, because you definitely can benefit from price and efficiency by using the appropriate type of printing press. For smaller page counts and print runs, you want to utilize a sheet fed press. Sheet fed presses run one parent sheet through the press at a time, and (with our larger 40-inch press) can run up to sixteen, 8.5″ x 11″ pages per signature or form.
For larger page counts or run sizes we would put your brochure on one of our commercial web presses. The primary reasons are speed and the fact that these web printing presses utilize roll paper stock which, cost averaged by page, is much cheaper on large runs. Additionally, they automatically can fold the printed signatures inline as they come off the press so there is one less step in the printing process.

What is the Quality Difference Between Press Types?

Generally speaking, brochure printing with a sheet fed press that runs more slowly and, in most cases, with a higher line screen, will generally offer a better print quality than web presses.

That said our web presses are heat-set web presses, which will provide better quality than printing companies that only offer cold-set web presses, even when the line screen is equal. This is because heat-set presses can use coated paper stock which allows the ink to sit on top of the paper, providing crisper text and images. Those commercial printing companies utilizing non heat-set web presses will produce magazines that have less sharp text and images, due to the fact that ink sinks into the uncoated paper and has a tendency to spread.

What Types of Brochures Are Most Common?

The Tri Fold:

When your message must be brief and the budget does not call for anything larger, the standard full color tri fold is the most economical way to get your message out via discount full color and cheap printing when you print with PBD. The tri fold is simply a single, letter size sheet of paper, folded in thirds. This business brochure can either be wafer-sealed (tabbed) and mailed, for the most economical form of color printing and direct mail. You can also insert it into a number 10 envelope. You can also benefit from our direct mail marketing.

Rack Style – Ultimate Economy:

When requirements are for display rather than mailing, the rack color brochure is the most economical way to display your message. This is a single, card stock paper, and is generally produced to fit the pockets of a wall rack display, as you might typically see in a hotel or business lobby with a trim size of four by nine inches as the standard for the rack pockets, You can also mail it as a post card or insert it in an envelope for your next Direct Mail marketing campaign.

The Four Page:

For more space for your message and images the four page provides you with double the area of the tri fold. With this full color piece your trimmed finished flat sheet is a 17 x 11″ sheet that will be folded in half to a finished 8.5 x 11″ four page booklet. You can then re fold in half to 5.5 x 8.5″ or letter fold it to fit a # 10 envelope.

The Six Page:

So, you have that extra bit of copy or images but do not require a brochure with 8 pages? There is always the 6-page tri fold (3 panels of 8.5 x 11″) version does not require saddle stitching and is simply an elongated sheet of paper that tri folds like its smaller cousin, the tri fold. The flat size of the six page is 25 3/8 x 11″ and when folded in thirds, becomes the standard letter sized page. If you ask why is it not 25.5 inches wide when flat, the answer is that the first fold will lie too close to the second and cause a ballooning affect that will crease the paper.

The Eight Page:

The 8-pager, is simply two pieces of flat 17 x 11″ sheets, that are nested together, folded in half and saddle stitched (two staples through the inside center). More copy? More images, then with this form of printing brochures you have two more pages to exhibit your message and your images.

The Twelve Page:

The 12-pager is simply one more 17 x 11″ sheet of flat paper, nested with the others, folded and stitched (saddle stitching). Every time you add another 17 x 11″ sheet to be bound in during printing you are adding four pages to the finished piece. You will find here that if your message complete and that you have nothing further to add then this type of brochure printing will benefit you. However, if you have a few more words or images to cram in, then due not that there is not a great difference in price usually, between the 12 page and the larger 16 page cousin.

The Sixteen Page:

The 16-pager is generally the largest full color business brochure, with a page count that can fit on one form or signature (the amount of pages that print in a single pass on a press. As the others described above, here we have one more 17 x 11″ sheet, nested into, folded and stitched. One important note here, which many miss: When counting pages that you require to be reproduced, please remember that each side of the sheet is a page. Please allow our printing company to quote one for you.

What is your big printing differentiator?

PRICE. We offer some of the very best brochure printing rates in the industry, while at the same time providing you with our top notch printing services. You will save money with us and get the quality you require. Another major benefit to you of our brochure printing services is our professional review of your work, as we always endeavor to place your brochure printing project on the best and most efficient printing press for your project.

What is Your Printing Guarantee?

Printing By Design guarantees your brochure will be free from any defect in workmanship that will materially affect your project, or we will run it again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If we fail to accurately reproduce your graphic design to match the proof, by PIA standards, we shall print your brochure again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Be aware that variances occur from press to press, and even paper to paper and most times there will be noticeable variances from what your desk top printer can reproduce as compared to a printing press. While we guarantee our brochure printing will be free from defects, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exactly what you are expecting.

If your brochure printing job is color critical, please request a digital color proof and/or a press check to make sure that your digital files will output the colors you are expecting before printing the full product run.

Don't Delay. Brochures Are A Cost Effective Selling Tool.

Give us the chance to show you how we will help make your brochure printing project the success you know it should be. On time. On budget. At the quality you require. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.