Calendar Printing

Printing by Design can print your calendar regardless if it hangs on a wall or sits on a desk. In addition to printing your company’s calendar, we also offer outstanding calendar design services and top quality binding and packaging options.


Superior Calendar Printing Service

We have printed calendars of different types and lengths. You benefit from our extensive printing expertise and knowledge when you print your calendar with us. Top quality printing, affordable prices and value added design services will help assure your calendar’s success.


Guaranteed Quality

When printing calendars for you, we guarantee our workmanship and that the quality of your final product will be to your satisfaction. Our presses will deliver a calendar that will make your customers smile all year long.



If you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how good it is. That’s why we offer the best in-class pricing on printing, binding and bulk mailing. Give us a chance to quote your next calendar printing job and find out how much you can save.


Print with Confidence

Our online printers will deliver your calendar printing project right the very first time! Printing By Design will make sure that your calendar printing job is always correctly prepped to work on press, resulting in a professional calendar that stands out from the rest and puts a smile on your customers’ faces all year long.


When you chose to print your calendar with Printing By Design, you can be assured of:

  • Value. You won’t pay a penny more than necessary as we make sure your job is correct BEFORE it gets on press and that the press your job runs on is the correct one for your calendar’s specifications.
  • Quality. Not only will your job be printed to the industry’s highest standards, but your calendar will receive first class bindery service that results in a very professional quality yearlong keepsake.
  • Expediency. Your calendar is very important to us, and you can be confident that it will receive the attention it deserves in order to get it out the door in time for your new year. We even offer rush processing when you’re behind schedule and under the gun.

Your Calendar Could Be On Your Customers’ Walls, Just Like These…

Frequently Asked Calendar Questions

What type of bindery services do you offer?

There are essentially two types of bindery styles for calendars: Saddle stitched and Wire-O. The saddle stitching has your calendar folded in half and uses two staples through the center of the spine to keep it together. The Wire-O will require the paper to be cut, drilled and bound with a spiral ring of wire.

What paper choices do you offer?

All types. However what paper to choose has more to do on the intended audience of your publication and your budget, as paper is a major component of a magazine’s printing cost.

There are multiple factors regarding papers used to be aware of. One is the weight of the paper, as when you buy paper you are paying by the pound. That said, you always want to be sure you are not going too light with the cover or outer signature, for as you can mix the weights you do not want the post office to tear your magazine when delivering.

Another way of controlling your budget is by choosing different and potentially lower, paper grades. For a very high end publication, a grade 1-2 paper stock would be appropriate. Standard stock would be a grade 3, which is what most presses use today. However, if you are selling inexpensive widgets and are therefore on a limited budget, you probably would best be served choosing a lesser grade, such as a 4 or 5. These grades have ground wood pulp in them and are less refined.

Alternative offset or alternative newsprint stocks is still is a good looking paper at a good price, and thus a good option for controlling your magazine’s printing costs.

Why Is Page Count Important in Controlling Costs?

When requesting a printing quote for a calendar, many times customers ask for a 12 month version or sometimes for a custom quote of 16, 18 or even 24 months.

The average page count is 28 pages, with one page for an image and another for the monthly grid. For best results, if all of the paper used is of the same stock, 100# gloss book is recommended due to the fact that if any lighter in weight, the paper will rip at the hole, as it hangs on the nail from its own weight. The benefit of using 28 pages on all the same paper, is that it is only two forms (press signatures) will be going through the press, if the page size is 8.5 x 11″ or slightly larger. You can decide to add a heavier cover for a 24-page-plus-separate-cover configuration, but then you will have three forms going through the press and are adding a bit more to your cost.

What is your big printing differentiator?

PRICE. We offer some of the very best rates in the industry, while at the same time providing you with our top notch printing services. You will save money with us and get the quality you require. Another major benefit to you of our printing services is our professional review of your work, as we always endeavor to place your printing project on the proper and most efficient printing press for your project.

What is Your Printing Guarantee?

Printing By Design guarantees your project will be free from any defect in workmanship that will materially affect your project, or we will run it again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If we fail to accurately reproduce your graphic design to match the proof, by PIA standards, we shall print your piece again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Be aware that variances occur from press to press, and even paper to paper and most times there will be noticeable variances from what your desk top printer can reproduce as compared to a printing press. While we guarantee our printing will be free from defects, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exactly what you are expecting.

If your job is color critical, please request a digital color proof and/or a press check to make sure that your digital files will output the colors you are expecting before printing the full product run.

Don't Delay. Your Calendar is Only Relevant for One Year.

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