catalog printing

The next time you decide to print your catalog, here are a couple  tricks to make your catalog printing more user friendly.


Rather than using costly die cut tabs, that must be folded in for the final binding of your catalog printing, try marking the pages of each section on the opening edge border with a solid color. You will need to do this on both sides of the page. You can add copy to the solid with either a black overprint if a light color ink or white knock out area for copy if you are using a dark color. It is best if you change the color for each section of your catalog. During the trimming process, the blade smashes down on the trim edge and the ink bleeds over, in part, into the edge of the paper. Thus, when you look at the trim edge of your catalog, you will be able to see sections in different colors.


If you want to go upscale with your catalog printing, then here is a trick to make your spiral or wire bind look like perfect binding. You can use a technique that is sometimes referred to has “hidden wire bind”, where you would die score the cover, folding it back behind the text and adding your wire. Once that is done, you fold the cover back over to the front. You then will wind up with a catalog printing as normal, but the spine will be covered and can have copy on it like perfect binding, and the wire will only show through at the rear edge of the spine on your catalog. Voila: the best of both worlds, wire bound catalog to lay flat and a spine to add copy on, as in perfect binding, to fit nicely on the shelf of your client.


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