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Printing by Design knows how powerful a selling tool catalogs still are to businesses. That’s why we always take extra care to make sure your catalog is printed on time and on budget—the first time. We also offer outstanding design services and competitive bulk mailing rates to help you get the maximum ROI from your catalog printing job.

Superior Service

We are tops in catalog printing. You benefit from our extensive catalog printing expertise and press knowledge when you print your catalog with us. Prepress checks, best options of printing presses and value added bulk mailing will help assure your catalog printing job is a success.

Guaranteed Quality

We know that catalogs must present your company in the best light possible. When printing your catalog, we guarantee our workmanship so that your catalog will be free of defects that could negatively affect your product sales.


Catalogs are for selling and their cost factors into product margins. That’s why we offer the best in-class pricing on printing, binding and bulk mailing. Give us a chance to quote your next catalog printing job and find out how much you can save.

Sell Your Products with Catalogs

Our commercial printers will deliver your catalog printing project right the very first time! Printing By Design will make sure that your catalog printing job is always correctly prepped to work on press, resulting in a professional selling tool that instills confidence in your customers.

When you chose to print your catalog with Printing By Design, you can be assured of:

  • Value. You won’t pay a penny more than necessary because we make sure your catalog is correctly prepped BEFORE it gets on press. The printing press that your job runs on is the best one to fit your catalog’s budget.
  • Quality. Not only will your catalog be printed to the industry’s highest standards, but it will receive first class bindery service that results in a very professional quality selling tool.
  • Expediency. Your catalog printing job is very important to us. You can be confident that it will receive the attention it deserves in order to get it out the door in time for your upcoming promotional event. We even offer rush processing when you’re behind schedule and under the gun.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Still not sure about printing your catalog with Printing By Design? Let some of our customers do the talking!

“Printing By Design has become a value-added supplier to Cushion Cut because of their proactive approach to business… on time, on budget… valuable help in setting up and executing our catalog printing needs in ways that save us money and give us quality materials for our client base.”

Mike Nelson

Cushion Cut

“They are quick, accommodating, and courteous…. Very affordable. Very easy to work with—in fact, a number of years ago, a truckload of our books & catalogs were on their way here from California, and the truck wrecked in New Mexico. They overnight FedExed us new copies that they printed the same day, so that we would have some on hand until they could reprint the entire shipment, at their expense! Very highly recommended.”

Sandi Queen

Founder, Queen Homeschool

“…thank you for your assistance in improving the printing and data processing capabilities of Veterinary Centers of America. The responsibility of mailing over 165 locations nationwide has been an impossible process, until now. Through the use of your many resources, we have been able to double the volume of our mailings without increasing turnaround time. The quality of these jobs has satisfied [even] our most skeptical participants.”

John Paulson


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Frequently Asked Catalog Questions


Should We Choose Web Press or Sheet Fed Printing for our Catalog?

That depends. Both have their advantages. You definitely can benefit from price and efficiency by using the appropriate type of printing press. For smaller page counts and print runs, you want to utilize a sheet fed press. Sheet fed presses run one parent sheet through the press at a time, and (with our larger 40-inch press) can run up to sixteen, 8.5″ x 11″ pages per signature or form. Therefore, on the sheet fed press, we can comfortably and cost effectively print up to 10,000 catalogs of up to 32 pages.
For larger page counts or run sizes we would put your magazine on one of our commercial web presses. The primary reasons are speed and the fact that these web printing presses utilize roll paper stock which, cost averaged by page, is much cheaper on large runs. Additionally, they automatically can fold the printed signatures inline as they come off the press so there is one less step in the printing process.

What is the Quality Difference Between Press Types?

Generally speaking, catalog printing with a sheet fed press that runs more slowly and, in most cases, with a higher line screen, will generally offer a better print quality than web presses.

That said our web presses are heat-set web presses, which will provide better quality than printing companies that only offer cold-set web presses, even when the line screen is equal. This is because heat-set presses can use coated paper stock which allows the ink to sit on top of the paper, providing crisper text and images.

Those commercial printing companies utilizing non heat-set web presses will produce catalogs that have less sharp text and images, due to the fact that ink sinks into the un-coated paper and has a tendency to spread.

What type of catalog bindery services do you offer?

There are two types of bindery styles for catalogs that are the most common: Saddle stitched and perfect bound. The saddle stitching has two staples through the center of the spine, while the perfect bound is glued with a squared off back, similar to a paperback book.

What paper choices do you offer for catalog printing?

All types. However, what paper to choose has more to do on the type of impression you want to make on your customer and your budget, as paper is a major component of a catalog’s printing cost.

There are multiple factors regarding papers used that you should be aware. One is the weight of the paper, as when you buy paper you are paying by the pound. That said, you always want to be sure you are not going too light with the cover or outer signature, for as you can mix the weights you do not want the post office to tear your catalog when delivering.

Another way of controlling your budget is by choosing different and potentially lower, paper grades. For a very high end publication,  a grade 2 paper stock would be appropriate. Standard stock would be a grade 3, which is what most presses use today. However, if you are selling inexpensive widgets and are therefore on a limited budget, you probably would best be served choosing a lesser grade, such as a 4 or 5. These grades have ground wood pulp in them and are less refined.

Alternative offset or alternative newsprint stocks are still good looking paper at a good price, and thus a good option for controlling your catalog’s printing costs.

For very small catalog runs, the iGen Digital Color Service offers a glossy paper stock option that you may find is in your budget. The Xerox Docutech or Canon version also offers very high quality printing on high quality, bright white paper stock for small runs, but not glossy stock.

Why Is Page Count Important in Controlling Costs?

Because when printing catalogs, page count plays a significant role in press efficiency. This is especially true if your quantity dictates utilizing a web press for printing rather than a sheet fed press, as pages are passed through at a much greater speed and on giant rolls of paper rather than sheets. While paper rolls equate to a lower cost per printed page than individual sheets of paper, the rolls themselves are very expensive. You want to make sure to utilize as much of the roll as possible in order to avoid purchasing more rolls than absolutely necessary.

One of the most important things to consider when trying to stay in budget, is how many press signatures you are using. If the web press your magazine is running maxes out with a 16-page signature (also called form) or a 32-page signature, then to control your printing costs you want to utilize the full signature whenever possible.

When you break up a catalog’s signature, especially in web printing, you are creating a less efficient run. This is because you may be running three 16-page signatures plus a double eight page signature for a total of 56 pages. If you instead ran four 16-page signatures for a total of 64 pages, your overall price per catalog may be a bit more, but your unit price per page will be less.

For Catalog Printing, Is Price Your Determining Factor?

PRICE. We offer some of the very best catalog printing rates in the industry, while at the same time providing you with our top notch printing services. You will save money with us and get the quality you require. Another major benefit to you of our catalog printing services is our professional review of your work. We always endeavor to place your catalog printing job on the best and most efficient printing press to satisfy your project’s requirements.

What is Your Printing Guarantee?

Printing By Design guarantees your catalog will be free from any defect in workmanship that will materially affect your project, or we will run it again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If we fail to accurately reproduce your graphic design to match the proof, by PIA standards, we shall print your piece again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Be aware that variances occur from press to press, and even paper to paper and most times there will be noticeable variances from what your desk top printer can reproduce as compared to a printing press. While we guarantee our catalog printing will be free from defects, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exactly what you are expecting.

If your catalog printing job is color critical, please request a digital color proof and/or a press check to make sure that your digital files will output the colors you are expecting before printing the full product run.

A Quality Catalog Could Increase Your Sales Dramatically. Don't Delay.

Give us the chance to show you how we will help make your catalog printing project a sales driving success. On time. On budget. At the quality you require. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.