This is an interesting question, sort of like Godzilla vs. Rodan, who fought each other in those black and white Japanese films from the sixties. It almost sounds like minutia when you first think of it. In fact, who would reallymagazine printing company and catalog printing company think about it? Well, it just may be something to look at as each offer a different perspective as to how to display your wares. Let’s take a look and compare the advantages of each.

Magazine Printing:

Magazine printing is great for a company that does not have many products and has the ability to write interesting copy rather than just brief item descriptions. If one has a large amount of products than it would crowd the typical magazine look. The advantages of using a magazine format for your product line are as follows:

1-It is more personal, as it allows you to “tell a story”, and involve the reader, thus better promoting your brand.

2-The articles you write can be more in depth, discussing the many benefits of your product and the finer details of them, including stories about the usage of your products.

3-If well done, customers or potential ones, may look forward to receiving your next issue as you are offering something of value beyond just a listing of your items.

4-The format may allow you to offer advertising space with non competing companies or if you wholesale your product to retailers, adding adverts for them.

5-Magazine printing is more of a unique concept than the standard catalog and will set you and your brand apart from others.

Catalog Printing:

Companies who print catalogs tend to have a wide array of products and thus require more space than the conventional magazine may allow. Generally speaking the catalog owner will need all of the space possible to display product and pricing thus little space is left for editorializing. The advantages of catalog printing are as follows:

1-Catalog printing allows for the display of a wide array of products, price lists and detail.

2-With a catalog style, one would typically have an index to sections and product styles that you may not in a magazine format.

3-Where cost is a factor, your investment will be less if you are not utilizing as much print area on articles and editorializing than you would in a magazine format.

4-While magazine content may tend to be dated, catalog printing is “built to last” and be thumbed through on hopefully a regular basis and the only thing that may or may not date it is pricing of the items.

Which is best for your brand, catalogs or magazines? I will leave the answer to that up to you.


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