There are many bogus opinions about what can and cannot be done in magazine printing. I would like to set the record straight by addressing some of them here. Magazine printing is highly dependent upon the magazine printing info nature of the printing company’s equipment and as a result you either fight the tide at midnight or you work with the equipment at the printing press. I have always felt that with commercial magazine printing it is always easier to swim downstream.

1-      We will fix it on press: This is the most common idiocy in commercial magazine printing as in most cases the printing press is unforgiving. You either compose you files the right way from the start in magazine printing or you end up with garbage on the other end. I am sure you have heard the phrase, from more than just magazine printers; “garbage in, garbage out”.

2-      I can import the photo as is: Nonsense, you never want to simply place an image in a document program and “adjust the program” to fit the image files. Take your image files into Photoshop and adjust the DPI, color format (RGB to CMYK) and sizing BEFORE importing into your document. If you do not, you get “default” color without any chance to color correct, you may have the incorrect DPI for press and you may crash the RIP if your files are too big due to sizing the images in the document application.

3-      I can perfect bind any magazine: Nope! Perfect binding only works (well that is) if you have a minimum of 1/8” spine when magazine printing and binding. Many times I will get the comment that “another printer told me I could”, which either means he was not a pro or the customer misheard. You must have that 1/8” or you get a sloppy bind at best, with a rounded spine or worst, pages will fall out. If you must perfect bind your magazine you will need to either add more pages or use heavier paper stock.

4-      Placing Copy or Non Bled Images near Trim Edge: There are two problems here as they affect the printing of magazines. The first is that on a web press printing magazines there is jiggle (fast moving rolls that can move side to side) and you risk cutting into the “live image area”.  Most quality magazine printers will reject the files rather than take the risk or ask you to sign a waiver.  The second problem is that it is simply bad magazine design. Copy near the trim edge or a photo that does not bleed but right up next to the trim edge of the magazine printing just looks horrible.

5-      The lowest priced quote is the best quote: I don’t think so. Back in the day when printing companies were not as stressed by a declining industry or economy many astute print buyers would simply go with the second to lowest as being always skeptical of a magazine printing cost that just “looked too low”.  If you are truly about price, than take off the blinders and do the math. Factor in the money saved by less magazine printing mistakes, quality advice from a pro magazine printer and being shown by the printer how there may be a “better mousetrap” that can also lower your magazine printing costs.

6-      Bad planning for magazine printing: This can ruin your whole day. You finally get all of your ads in and can go to print with your magazine and then find yourself scuffling around searching for a magazine printing company to print your next issue.  Eh, eh, don’t count on that ever happening, especially on a web press and definitely not near the end of the month when all the magazines that are in the magazine printer’s schedule are set to run. If you cannot coordinate securing enough advertising with your file due date and scheduled street date with your magazine printing company, you will be in for a rude awakening as you are forced to wait at the back of the line, and having to deal with screaming advertisers. Plan, and plan more!!!

7-      The deadliest sin: Not utilizing PBD as your magazine printer. Take advantage of our great care in handling your job, our expertise to guide you through both the pitfalls and benefits you could accrue when printing magazines with PBD. Think of us as your partner and safety net to help insure that your next magazine printing project will be the success you desire.

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