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Whether you are self publishing or are a professional publishing company and seek quality printing for your books you will at some point be asking yourself the question of how you can determine a quality book printer from a lesser one. The answer most definitely is not to simply go with the one who supplies you with the lowest quote as in the long run the cost of printing books with the lowest bidder may inflate to more than your quote then if you went with a company of quality which possess skills and services that you will hope to count on.

Here are some of the things that you should be reviewing in order to choose a quality book printer for the best book printing company for your requisites.

Book Printing Quote:

Let’s face it; no one is suggesting that if you have two quotes and they are extremely far apart that you should go with the most expensive in that scenario. You still want reasonable book printing prices. However in most cases the pricing will be in a fairly narrow range. If the highest is way out of sorts from the rest, then you can toss that one, but if the lowest is too low on a comparative bases as compared to another book printer then ask the low bidder why and what they may be doing that is different in order to supply you with such a low book printing quote. In today’s economy you want to make sure the machines are being maintained, the specs are apples to apples and you are getting what you expect.

Book Printing Services:

Services are crucial in two respects; the first in that everything you need is in house and available to you. Should you need help with an ISBN number, bar code or QR code can they advise you on where to get it done (see ). If you need design help or marketing suggestions do they understand and can they make suggestions for these things? Are you being oversold on the specifications? Do you really need all of the bells and whistles in order to sell your book? The second service that is crucial is that the company first understands your requisites then advising you on money saving ideas that still preserve the essence of what you seek. Many a book printer as most print shops will simply go with the specifications you provide to them or even try to up-sell you. A quality printing company will show you how you can save money by changing a specification or two without the loss of providing your readers with a quality product.

Do They Provide Helpful Information?

Does the company provide helpful information to you in order to make you better understand the road ahead and to feel more secure as you go down it? Another aspect of providing you with the best book printing information is that it also displays the level of knowledge and professionalism you would expect from a quality book printer. The simple fact is that customers want to know that they are doing business with experts.

Does Your Book Printer Think Outside Of The Box?

When you have a problem with your files is the print company there to help you with solutions? If you have a deadline to meet and you are late with your files can your service print a book for you by changing the methodology or equipment to help expedite your deadline? A quality printing company can help you in all of these areas.

In the long run the ultimate savings that a company can provide is with the overall relationship consisting of fair pricing, high quality service and a level of expertise that can meet all of your challenges: In essence someone that can think outside of the box when necessary and provide you with the backup that you would expect. The bottom line is that you benefit not only when you receive the quality services you require in the narrow sense but also benefit in a less specific way by receiving the type of quality services that in the long run also benefit you by saving you money. This is so because your book printer, when providing you with the best book printing services possible will also as a direct result of doing so save you money over the longer course of the production of your manuscript even though you did not go with the lowest quote at the time.


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