Direct Mail Services

Printing by Design has direct mailed thousands of pieces for businesses large and small. In addition to printing your company’s collateral, we offer competitive bulk mailing rates through a highly optimized system we have perfected over many years.

Superior Direct Mail Services

Need Direct Mail Services? We have handled the direct mailing of many thousands of items for companies of all sizes. You benefit from our extensive bulk mailing expertise and knowledge when you mail your collateral with us. Top quality printing, affordable prices and value added bulk mailing will help assure your project’s success.

Get Direct Mail Precision

When direct mailing pieces for you, we guarantee our workmanship and that the preparation and delivery of your job to the post office will be handled to your satisfaction. Our staff will fold, label and deliver a quality product that will make your company’s direct mail marketing campaign shine.

Direct Mail That's Affordable

If you can’t afford to do a direct mail marketing campaign, it doesn’t matter how good it is. That’s why we offer the best pricing on postage rates allowed and maximum promotion discounts. We will sort, “un-duplicate” your lists, zip append and barcode to save you the most money possible on your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct Mail with Confidence

Our staff will prepare and deliver your printing project right the very first time! Printing By Design has been in business for many years and our customers have come to rely on our extensive resources, knowledge and judgment. Let PBD simplify and execute your next mailing campaign.

When you chose to mail your customers with Printing By Design, you can be assured of:

  • Value. You won’t pay a penny more than necessary as we make sure your bulk mail job is correct BEFORE it gets to the post office. Your mailing list is C.A.S.S. certified and P.A.V.E. sorted with barcodes by us.
  • Quality. We verify the correct quantity of pieces to be mailed. We make sure that your list has been sorted for maximum postal discounts. We can add coding for response tracking which can be included. We make sure that the  materials to be mailed are the correct version. Lastly we verify that all postal codes are adhered to for maximum compliance.
  • Expediency. Your job will be prepped, your list(s) cleaned, and your mailing pieces labeled and delivered in a timely fashion. We even offer rush processing when you’re behind schedule and under the gun.

Get Your Message Into Your Customers Hands, Just Like These…

Frequently Asked Direct Mail Questions

Can you offer better Bulk Mail Rates than I can get myself??
Very likely as we utilize a co-mailing strategy whenever possible. By combining your job with those of other customers, you’ll benefit by enabling us to deliver maximum postal discounts available that can go well beyond the bulk or flat rates, thereby reducing your postage costs substantially.
Why should I use the same company for Printing and Mailing?
Because you’ll benefit by better controlling the printing and the direct mailing services. In order to avoid finger pointing by a mailing house or printing company, it is in your best interest to use one company for both mailing and printing. What happens if your printing company doesn’t include the proper postal permit on your postcard? The answer is simple: you the customer will pick up additional charges at the mailing company since it was not their error. They will have to inkjet print the postal permit at additional cost to you. In turn, you’ll have to confront the printing company over who was at fault. Time and again, each will blame the other. Another reason to consider combining the mailing and printing services at one company is that you can receive guidance on your design layouts so that your printed materials are always in United States Postal Office compliance for the mailing process.
What are the Mailing Services you offer?
Printing By Design offers: List Conversion, File Management, Zip Code Verification, CASS & PAVE Address Standardization, Carrier Route Coding, Bar Coding Postal Sorting for Discounts, Merge/Purge, File Segmentation and Coding, Custom Programming, Data Entry, Response Tracking and Analysis. Additionally, you have a wide choice of imaging technology and services including: Cut-Sheet Laser Personalization, Continuous Form Laser Personalization, Inkjet Addressing, Mailing Piece Design and Consulting. Our automated direct mail services include: Bursting, Cutting, Folding, Inserting, Metering, Stamping, Labeling, Tipping, Tabbing, Glue-dotting, Bindery, and Broadcast Fax. Should you require it, we also have custom services by hand including: Kit Assembly, Match Mailing, Tube Mailing, Hand Labeling, Postal Sorting and Preparation, Delivery to the Post Office, and Trucking to IIMC/SCF/DDU.
What is your big printing differentiator?
PRICE. We offer some of the very best rates in the industry, while at the same time providing you with our top notch printing services. You will save money with us and get the quality you require. Another major benefit to you of our printing services is our professional review of your work, as we always endeavor to place your printing project on the proper and most efficient printing press for your project.
What is Your Printing Guarantee?
Printing By Design guarantees your project will be free from any defect in workmanship that will materially affect your project, or we will run it again. ABSOLUTELY FREE. If we fail to accurately reproduce your graphic design to match the proof, by PIA standards, we shall print your piece again. ABSOLUTELY FREE. Be aware that variances occur from press to press, and even paper to paper and most times there will be noticeable variances from what your desk top printer can reproduce as compared to a printing press. While we guarantee our printing will be free from defects, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exactly what you are expecting. If your job is color critical, please request a digital color proof and/or a press check to make sure that your digital files will output the colors you are expecting before printing the full product run.

Don't Delay. Direct Mailing is a Precise and Effective Selling Tool.

Give us the chance to show you how we will help make your direct mailing campaign the success you know it should be. On time. On budget. At the quality you require. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.