google bookThere are a many social networking forums on the net that you can utilize to market your books with, and some not as effective as others. I have not been impressed with what FaceBook can do nor Twitter and at best they are simply starting points where you can hopefully grab some attention and drive traffic to your blog or web where one can view in a more in depth fashion what it is you have to say or offer.

It is hard to delve very deep into your book’s storyline or characters with only a teaser using at most 140 characters, minus your link and tags. LinkedIn is one forum that for a long time has offered a more expansive arena to market in until corporate started to slam everything in the English language as spam, making it far less user friendly than ever. The place to be which offers the marketer of books a better environment is Google Plus.

What You Must Know About Google Authorship:

This is the most crucial starting point, as it is the connection between your Plus profile and all of the content that you create. It is the focal point of your posts and writing and by which Google amasses their information about you and your blog or web in order to rank it.

Post A Profile That Rocks:

Like all things in marketing, advertising and in life first impressions can not only be lasting but it is the very first contact anyone will make with you. Make it appealing visually with a warm photo and intro so that folks will want to know more about you and what you have to offer.  It should include all of the information one may require when considering doing business with you or purchasing your book.

 Share, Share, Share:

If you ever asked why someone would want to read your book or do business with you, the answer is simple: You are an expert. You may be an expert author, or an expert on the subject of your book and it is a fact that people like doing business with experts. Therefore on Plus as on your web or blog, content is king. It is not enough just to post your blog or writings as you will also want to share other content that you feel falls into the realm of your “expertise.” If your book’s story has a location of Spain, you may want to post someone else’s article about a city in Spain where your main character is from. Should your book be about spies, then someone else’s article about Aldrich Ames or another famous spy or spy case may be apropos.

Engage With Circles, Groups and Hangouts:

Circles, Groups and Hangouts on Plus One are similar to connections and groups on LinkedIn. You would use them in a similar fashion.  This allows you to communicate more directly with whoever may fit your profile as a potential reader of your book.


Your posts will automatically go to all in your circles as well as the public should you choose.  You can even host special events, hangouts, calls, video calls and more within your circle in order to engage.


Groups are a great way to find people who may be looking for you. If you write fiction, there are groups dedicated to “fiction readers” who would be your ideal target audience. By joining such groups you can engage others regarding your works.


Google Plus Hangouts enable you to grab the attention of potential readers with group video calls which can be created for a specialized topic about your novel such as a discussion of one of the characters, the plot or location of it.


Using Images On Plus:

Google Plus allows you to use clear and larger images than on LinkedIn and unlike Twitter they show up in full as opposed to a section of the image. Here is a usage that will require a killer book cover, among many other reasons for having one as well as giving you the ability to post other images that may relate to your work. Images attract so find and use great ones to your advantage.


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