Printing Collateral Increases Your Profits

Printing collateral

(also known as marketing collateral) can be summed up as anything that you can leave behind that tells a potential consumer about your business.

These ‘leave behinds’ are an opportunity for clients to get to know you better, as well as to increase visibility for your product or services.

Whether you’re a marketing department or a self-employed business owner, you’ll be interested in getting the most return on your print investment.

“Marketing collateral is like leaving behind a tiny sign that tells someone everything you need to know about your business, drawing them back and reinforcing your branding.” 

For businesses looking to get longevity out of their printing collateral, or the maximum return on investment, we suggest the following:

Calendar Printing

A marketer once told us “A brochure is nice, but what’s really great is checking in on my clients and seeing our calendar hanging on their wall all year. Of any leave behind, a year-round calendar has given us the most visibility.” And it’s true, giving out a piece of collateral that’s functional, like a calendar, makes it more likely that your leave behind will be put to use. Calendar Printing

A month-to-month calendar presents several opportunities for your company to make an ‘impression’ on clients. A design firm may feature projects or specialty artwork, whereas a larger company may showcase innovative ideas or little known facts about their products. What’s more, the quality of a custom printed and bound calendar is likely to leave a lasting impression on your clients, elevating your brand experience.

Book Printing

High-quality bound books featuring your best work, services, accomplishments, or corporate spotlights can go a long way for a company. Investing time in producing a well-designed and meaningful piece of collateral can go a long way. The quality of the finished product will say as much about your business as the work showcased, and something that’s bound is more likely to be placed on a bookshelf, maybe even a coffee table.

book printing as collateralFor potential customers, a bound portfolio or statement of work can relay that you are serious about what you do and about building a relationship with them. These pieces of collateral can serve as a reference for new clients, who can shelf your company’s bound book and flip through the pages when they are looking for the services or products you provide.

Existing clients will appreciate a finely finished piece of printing collateral as well, especially if they are featured in it. For example, a business may write up a case study on what was achieved when working with a particular client (such as a system-wide update to an innovative technology) and reach out to the client for their feedback to use in the content. That client will be proud to show colleagues the work you achieved for them, especially if it is showcased in a bound book.

Finally, a company that has existed for a long time may like to tell the story of their brand in a piece of printing collateral that reads more like an expanded timeline. Consumers find this type of story intriguing, and appreciate the insights that may be shown through first-person narrative and the sharing of historical pictures from the company’s archives.

A brand story, bound attractively, makes for a piece of print collateral that a client will appreciate and hold on to. That’s especially true if your business has been a part of some historic milestones in your community.

Poster Printing

Perhaps you think of posters as a way to advertise an event, but look again and consider their marketability. Because a poster is hung like a piece of art, companies can utilize them to show off design abilities, projects, and slogans. It’s a fun and unique way to maximize the value of your print collateral.

If you aren’t sure what to showcase on a poster, consider what type of business you have and what your client’s would be likely to hang on their wall. If you’re a manufacturing company, would your clients be interested in an illustrated detail of one of your best selling products? Or, if your business doesn’t poster printing as collateral printsell a physical product or design service, perhaps an uplifting slogan would make for a popular poster.

We once worked with a local business to design a poster that featured all the local attractions written out in a unique typeface. This poster became so popular that the business began selling it. No matter what you ultimately feature, a poster is the opportunity to place your logo on a piece of print collateral that’s likely to stick around for years to come.



Written by Amber Jade Perez, business consultant for Bethel Signs & Graphics. Ms Perez is a branding and positioning specialist providing marketing services for your business success.