Contrary to popular belief, print media isn’t dead. In fact, the demand for commercial printing is higher than ever.magazine printing

Although a lot of publications are closing down factories that produce magazines and other publications, print media is staying and will stay for good.

A lot of people would be alarmed with such trends, but a lot of individuals are still leaning towards something they can own and hold. Magazines, newspapers, brochures, and business cards are part of these printed media which will never cease to exist.

In this article, we take a look at those media and why the demand for it just won’t die down. Here are the reasons why:

The King of Wireless

Truthfully, the term “wireless” is a term generally in use for gadgets and tools where people do a lot of reading. In a more weird way of seeing things, magazines and newspapers become the real meaning of wireless. When wireless gadgets become drained of power, cables and plugs are usually needed.

With printed media, all you’d ever need is a good newspaper to read. In the case of blackouts, a candle or flashlight would be enough for a good old-fashioned read.

Specified Targets

Even with the help of technology and many advances, the fact remains: not all people are reachable through the internet. These people consist of a large part of the market which is too big to ignore.

Older generations, for example, do not even bother to use the internet. A lot of times, they only rely on T.V. as their source of digital information. Other types of information that older generations enjoy come in the form of books, magazines, and other forms of media.


Sometimes people collect magazines for their novelty value. With digital prints, a person simply cannot do this. In fact, a comic book dating from the early 1930’s can sell for up to a half million dollars. For authors and designers, printed media is a way for them to show how skilled they are in creating artistic masterpieces.

Magazines aren’t the only ones getting collected. Printed material such as cards and posters can become collectibles too. A lot of companies online produce top notch work, specializing in making high quality but cheap business cards. 

Old Ways Still Work 

The reason why a lot of commercial printing companies still offer flyer printing services, poster printing, and other print media is that these ads still work. Despite a lot of modernization on a lot of platforms with regards to business, the ways of the old still work and are very effective in reaching out to a lot of people.


Although modern ways are making great strides in the world of business, print media stays relevant because of several qualities it has over modern techniques. Such advantages play out perfectly. An example of this is when blackouts or sources of electrical energy aren’t available. To pass the time, people read magazines, books, and other useful sources.

In the marketing world, the truth is that the internet cannot reach some people. This situation is where print media takes advantage of individuals from this field tend to prefer printed works which they actually can hold and read.




Writer Lisa E. Clark is an entrepreneur who loves to write about business and the unique cultural trends that come with it. She experienced working in print media industry and is very experienced in using a multi functional printer. As a goal-driven person, Lisa takes pride in molding young minds, so they become leaders in their fields.