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Need Top Quality Poster Printing? Printing by Design can print your poster—regardless of product size or run size—in the most cost effective way possible. We can help you to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go. Whether small-run inkjet prints, or large-run web press printing, we have your poster printing needs covered.

Superior Service

We have printed posters of all sizes, paper types and with protective coatings. You benefit from our extensive printing expertise and knowledge when you print your poster with us. Top quality printing and finishing will help assure your poster is a success.

Guaranteed Quality

When printing posters for you, we guarantee our workmanship and that the quality of your final product will be to your satisfaction. Our presses will deliver a poster that makes your work shine.


If you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how good it is. That’s why we offer the best in-class pricing on poster printing and finishing. Give us a chance to quote your next poster printing job and find out how much you can save.

Use Posters to Display with Confidence

We will deliver your poster printing project right the very first time! Printing By Design will make sure that your poster printing job is always correctly prepped to work on press, resulting in a professional sales tool that stands out from the rest and makes a lasting impression on your customers.

Poster Printing with PBD, assures you of:

  • Value. You won’t pay a penny more than necessary as we make sure your poster job is correct BEFORE it gets on press and that the printing press your job runs on is the correct one for your poster’s specifications.
  • Quality. Not only will your job be printed to the industry’s highest standards, but your poster will receive a first class finishing service that results in a very professional quality selling tool.
  • Expediency. Your poster is very important to us, and you can be confident that it will receive the attention it deserves in order to get it out the door in record time. We even offer rush processing when you’re behind schedule and under the gun.

Your Poster Could Be On Your Customers’ Walls, Just Like These…

Frequently Asked Poster Questions

What Types of Presses Does Your Company Use to Print Posters?

We have many choices available to you when printing posters. When you require just a small quantity of a large poster, the technology that best fits is usually an inkjet printer. Professional inkjet printers are built for short runs and utilize a continuous roll of paper. They offer extremely high quality prints on a variety of paper stocks and at numerous sizes. However, once you get beyond thirty or forty copies with inkjet, your price becomes less friendly than other options.

When moving to a higher volume, traditional offset printing becomes more economical while still maintaining a very high quality level. Most commercially sold and/or distributed posters utilize some form of offset printing. A good example of the cost savings of offset printing over inkjet printing can be illustrated when you are printing a standard 24 x 36″ poster. Inkjet printing a quantity of about 60 copies would be about the same cost as printing 1,000 copies on an offset printing press.

At smaller sizes and moderate run sizes, a digital sheet fed press would likely be your best option. For larger sizes and/or large volumes, a web offset press is a very cost effective solution.

What Types of Paper Stock Can I Choose to Print My Poster?

Depending upon your run size, we can print to a wide variety of media including glossy, matte, uncoated and even canvas. Typically, when printing to non-traditional types of paper, it is best to do so only with small runs as the more exotic media (scrims and canvas) are printed on inkjet printers.

When printing color posters in volume that has images where a high reproduction quality is required, you would do best to utilize a coated paper stock. When printing posters, as with anything else you run on press, if the stock is coated the ink will sit on top of the paper, rather than sink into it to some degree, which results in brighter colors and sharper details.

However sometimes when printing posters, you might be looking for a special effect that can take advantage of printing on uncoated stocks. An example of this would be if you wanted to have a look of an old fashioned poster. You could use an uncoated stock—even a felt or other rougher finish paper—and pull back on the inks a bit for a more washed out look. We did this on several occasions for UCLA, who was advertising for an event in Italy at an old rustic castle.

What Sizes of Posters Are Most Common?

Standard Sized Posters:

In today’s world of commercial printing, the standard large size is 24″ x 36″ which is printed on a 27″ x 40″ or a 28″ x 41″ offset press. For a bit more money in paper, your poster can go up to 25″ x 38″, or 27″ x 39.75″ depending on the press used. If you are on a budget, try to avoid having to print on a press that utilizes larger than a 27″ x 40″ parent sheet, as then you will stepping up to what is commonly known as a packaging press, and the cost will be 3-4 times that of the conventional 40″ offset color printing press.

Super Sized Posters:

If you require a larger size, there are presses that can print super sized prints, like they did in the old days of the Hollywood movie studios. In today’s industry, sizes of approximately 30″ x 60″ or 40″ x 70″ can be done, but this is not the primary function of these presses. As stated above, presses this larger are not generally used for printing posters but rather are used for a “litho sheets”, which are label stocks that laminates to paper board or corrugated stock of various types for packaging and boxes. Generally, you will find that once you get to these sizes your cost will be considerably more than on a commercial 40″ offset printing press.

What Options Do You Offer To Protect My Poster From Damage?

Thicker Paper Stock and Film Lamination

When you are spending your hard earned money printing posters, you want to make sure you get the best product possible and that it will also wear reasonably well. The first thing you want to make sure of is that the stock is reasonably heavy so that it wears well and will not easily tear when handled. We recommend 100# coated text as the minimum thickness.

You can further protect your work when printing a poster by coating the stock or even using film lamination. Film Lamination is expensive by comparison and you might find it more cost effective depending on your intended use, to up your press run during poster printing rather than to try to protect the sheets with film lamination. Should you still feel the need for enhanced durability, remember that paper is less costly than film laminate, so increasing the thickness of the paper instead is another option that will save you money in the long run.

Liquid Coatings

Protective coatings are another way to help preserve the condition and improve the look of your poster. There are three types of liquid coatings that you can use when printing posters. The first and most economical is Varnish. It is basically ink without any color. Varnish can be matte (dull) or glossy. The second is Aqueous Coating. Aqueous can be applied thicker than varnish and is therefore more durable. In either case, the only way you can tell these coatings are used is to add a few drops of water on the paper and if beads it is coated. These types of coatings protect the paper surface but add nothing to the look of the image.

The last is UV coating which is the most durable and the glossiest of the coatings and is difficult to tell apart from film lamination. UV lamps are used to dry the ink and the coating immediately. UV is the most expensive of the three liquid coatings but is still more economical than film lamination and can be used on fast turnaround jobs.

What is your big printing differentiator?

PRICE. We offer some of the very best rates in the industry, while at the same time providing you with our top notch printing services. You will save money with us and get the quality you require. Another major benefit to you of our printing services is our professional review of your work, as we always endeavor to place your printing project on the proper and most efficient printing press for your project.

What is Your Printing Guarantee?

Printing By Design guarantees your project will be free from any defect in workmanship that will materially affect your project, or we will run it again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If we fail to accurately reproduce your graphic design to match the proof, by PIA standards, we shall print your piece again. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Be aware that variances occur from press to press, and even paper to paper and most times there will be noticeable variances from what your desk top printer can reproduce as compared to a printing press. While we guarantee our printing will be free from defects, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exactly what you are expecting.

If your job is color critical, please request a digital color proof and/or a press check to make sure that your digital files will output the colors you are expecting before printing the full product run.

Posters Are A Great Way to Showcase Your Product.

Give us the chance to show you how we will help make your poster printing project the success you know it should be. On time. On budget. At the quality you require. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.