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With today’s ever changing technologies and markets many businesses will be faced with the question of “do I call my printing company or my IT guy to get my message out”? The answer frankly is both! Due to tough economies, changing technology, including it being harder than ever to successfully be at the top of Google’s rankings as well as a population spreading their attention to all of the ways that you might get your message out you need to cover all of your basis.

In some instances the digital world may suffice for you on its own and in others be useless and only the printed word will be of help to you in achieving your goals.

Who will benefit best using a digital message?

If your business is such, that your targeting market is youth, selling jeans or iPads as well as those who find themselves in front of a computer or hand held throughout the day. An example of generational examples would be Millenials or Generation 2001ers, born after 1980 and Baby Busters or Generation Xers born between 1965 and 1980. What grabs the attention of folks who are constantly in front of a glass screen, whether computer, tablet or smart phone, is a direct message, addressing their potential interests, to their device.  You will also need to effectively address these people with a message that resonates with them specifically with one that will grab their attention. Like all niche marketing this is crucial. Since 2000 North American Internet usage growth is up by 153 percent with world growth by 566 percent, thus there is no denying that the digital world is a place where one must be to market their products and services.


Who will benefit best from the printed word?

Despite the success of the digital world there is still a place for commercial printing in your marketing kit bag. Just to show you some numbers there is $90 Billion spent annually at various printing companies in North America. Therefore one may extrapolate that all of these businesses still visiting their local printing company are not just throwing money to the wind, but that they are actually enjoying a success with their marketing campaigns. Many times commercial printing is a local business, catering to such niche markets as the local dry cleaners or auto repair shops. These companies may benefit from flyers and brochures or they may be advertising in a local market magazine or even a coupon magazine getting their message out directly to the community they service.  Many of these same companies across the country are dependent on the products they get in order to run and service their business. They may receive a catalog from a national company who supplies them with their tools of trade. Therefore the need arises for these local companies to have a quick and ready reference to order parts for their equipment or items for their customers without having to leave their post and/or boot up their computer. Therefore we can know from this that the catalog printing company is still serving a purpose.


In conclusion, most business benefit from using a combination of dealing with a quality IT Company as well as a first rate commercial printing company. As Google marketers and SEO specialists know, they can no longer depend on Google to rank a website high solely for on page content. One now is forced to enter the world of social networking and have commentary, quips and pitches on Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn among dozens of others and with link backs to their URL.  In that sense there is not only room for both commercial printing and the digital world, it is paramount to the success of a company’s marketing campaign to be utilizing the best of both worlds. Done successfully, such as using web marketing and advertising in conjunction with email marketing, direct mail marketing, magazine printing and catalog printing as well as all of the other printed entities that your commercial printing company can supply for you, it amounts to a great branding campaign. Getting your brand out there allows all of the instant recognition of it to help drive your sales.  Even commercial printing is evolving with the advent of 3D printing which will greatly expand the role of printing in our time due to the massive expansion of what can be printed as well as expanding the definition of the word printing.

We hope that you will consider the benefits of commercial printing for your business and we look forward to hearing from you..



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