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Color poster printing is an historical and proven methodology for promoting a business or service. Some may even think too old fashioned? I don’t think so, as if you look at the ROI on some of the latest online digital methodologies the costs have become prohibitive as well as the likely hood of success. Just look at how hard a time you are having with marketing your own website so that it comes up in the first 3 pages of Google. Look at the confusion at trying to market with social networking as who knows yet what is working and what is not. When it comes to ROI, Return On Investment, a simple color poster printing may give your business the jump start it is looking for.

Creating One

When you create your full color advert in order to print a poster you need to keep in mind the following things:

1-      Use high resolution 300 dpi images

2-      Do not use JPG images as when they blow up big the compression causes visual artifacts that may be seen.

3-      K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid as the computer acronym goes. Do not crowd tons of images and copy into it. The posters you are printing should be simple, concise and to the point.

4-      Use clean easy to read fonts such as Arial or Helvetica. Your banner copy should be clever and eye catching and approximately 90 pts on a large one with sub headings at about 60 pts, while general copy at around 25 pts. Do not mix and match fonts and sizes in your offset poster as that too makes it harder to read.

Printing Them

When you are providing your files to your poster printer, make sure that anything not needed in the file is removed as in any event it will be a big file so it does not become so big that it is unwieldy. Again, do not provide large format printers with jpg files as you are enlarging little bits of stuff in the jpg that will not be pretty. Consider the yield on the press. Most online poster printing is accomplished using a forty inch press. This means that if you choose the standard 24 x 36” version they will print one up. You can save money if you scale your printed size down to 18 x 24 or 9 x 25” as they can print two up on one press sheet at relatively half the cost. Use 100# gloss book paper with an aqueous coating. The coating will protect the surface and the weight of the paper stock will prevent damage in handling better than thinner stock.

Best Services

When you print something that is very large it is crucial that you utilize a quality offset color printer whose company maintains their equipment properly. If not the results will not be like eye candy. Another item of importance you should pay attention to is how helpful and knowledgeable is your printer so that you do not wind up with a large mess as opposed to a large and nicely designed finished product.

Where To Display Yours

If your creation is designed to be attractive many will want to hang it. Contact your vendors or local neighborhood stores and see if they would be willing to do so. One way is to add a sale or discount to the viewer with instructions to use a code on it which you could stamp on each. Adjustable info hand stamping tools are available. Another method, should you not want to bother doing that yourself would be to have your poster printer print a small pad, with chipboard backer and glue it. This way folks can tear off a discount coupon. Whichever methodology you employ you would utilize a code for the vendor or store displaying yours so that for every sale you make that references that code you not only know where you received the new business from but the vendor displaying your full color poster printing has an incentive to do so; profit.

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