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If you do not have a website with a blog or at least your own blog you should. It affords you a platform to show off your work, talk about it and market it. So let’s assume you do have a blog and here is a quick step guide to market your book with.

Create on your blog a serial about your book wherein you can do two things; firstly talk about it and tell folks what is interesting about it and what they may enjoy if reading it. In other words in marketing language you are explaining the benefits of doing so to the potential reader.  Secondly create a section following it where each post is like a Saturday Matinee serial where you can drop in a section and maybe add a synopsis so folks can get the gist of each chapter. Each post therefore would/could cover a chapter, with a follow up chapter added each week.

Make it clear from the start that it is in fact a serial. This is a good marketing tact for two reasons; one in that it is promoting your books and two it is establishing your overall brand as an author via repetition which is one of the ways brand names are established.

With your first as well as your follow up serials spread your post/brand with your serialized work among all of the social networking sites (each one below is highly ranked in Google):

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus (you can have a personal and business page for double the “juice”)
  • Pinterest
  • Squidoo (you can also post an RSS feed for your blog)
  • MySpace
  • American Express Open (where you can post as an expert offering advice)
  • Delicious
  • Tumbler
  • Reddit
  • Blogger
  • Scoopit
  • Bizsugar
  • Instagram

Every time you post ALWAYS have a link back to your blog, use a title and comments showing the BENEFITS of reading it with each post you make on the social networks.

To make posting to the social networks less tedious I recommend ADDTHIS which can be found at as a plug in to your browser. I use it with Google Chrome, but not sure how well it works with other browsers. I like this better than Hoot Suite as you can modify the posting depending on where you are posting to.


I will be watching for your serial as I was always a fan of them on Saturday TV as a kid. Good luck with your book.


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