Think Modern Technology Made Print Advertising Outdated? magazine printing

You might be one of the doubters of print advertising when it comes to reach and conversion, but there are totally a lot of reasons why you must rediscover print advertising.

While people tend to keep their tracks on the latest trends and transition in modern media, they somehow overlooked or under estimated, the impact of print advertisement in this fast-paced world.

So the question is, how would it be able to compete?

How it works

Ever found yourself intimidated, thinking that your business brand doesn’t belong among the ‘big guys’?

When business owners open up a magazine, turn their television on, or log on the Internet, they think that big brand advertisers are all over the place and that there’s no space for small and medium enterprises like them to compete.

But it will never be the case. You might think it’s impossible, but the next time you open one of those magazines, you’ll see an ad for a business that’s right in your town.

To add, the equation does not necessarily mean that campaign success is equal to extravagant expenses plus hard work.

This is the biggest mistake most small business owners tend to oversee. It is not about how big your investment is to your ads that will carry you throughout the game. There are even some who started small investments in print ads and grew profits even more than what they expected.

Success in print advertising campaign lies on strategies; how you reach the people, how you deliver your message and how the audience understands your message.

The Message

Advertising is no more than telling a friend of yours that you want to help, or you want to trade. It’s as simple as that.

The most common dilemma is people sometimes do not understand what you want to tell them because your message is not clear enough or your message was inappropriate at the time.

Perfect words and perfect timing is the most efficient way of coming to an understanding with people.

The Media

While the world is telling the people things they needed to know, creativity still prevails as the most efficient way to connect to people.

Getting connected to your audience will create better understanding. Although most of the business owners nowadays choose social media for advertisements, expressing your thoughts through print ads remains an outstanding way to help customers understand your business, your goals, your objectives, your values – and especially you as an owner.

The key is to out think people, and that is where creativity applies. Stand out from a crowd of print ads that just sticks itself to the limits of paper.

Traditional advertising is not outdated at all; you just have to find a way, to make things interesting for people, and that means you have to get out of the mainstream and start drawing your style.

The best thing about creativity is it challenges the level of thinking in people. Color, texture, style, size, shapes, forms are all media of human creativity. These are tools that have evolved throughout the years with a sole purpose of communication. Thus, now yielded and produced our latest technologies.


Materializing your printing ads is still part of the equation of getting success in your campaign. Online Printing in Australia, for example, is still as competitive as other channels of advertisement. In fact, a lot of business owners invest on print ads.

Print Ads are no longer limited to magazines, newspapers, and flyers. (Take a look at a few examples below of innovative print advertising techniques incorporated with other materials).

Aside from that in Print advertising costs are at a justifiable rate and accessibility is stunningly fast, personal and friendly, transactions can be done in convenient ways, tools and machinery are cutting-edge.

Even though most people are convinced that print advertisement is almost obsolete, it is still living, and productive work of art which is naturally timeless. Be one of the great minds and partner with print advertising experts who can help you materialize the best print ad people are yet to see.

Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder and the author of PrintMeister, a company that caters to online customers regarding printing services in Australia.